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Summerween Stomach Ache.
“And so then Soos ate the Trickster alive while it cried out in joy. But obviously we realized people would keep throwing out Loser Candy and it’d started all over again, so before Soos finished him off we made an agreement for him to take care of this each year. But of course Stan’s got him handing out fliers all night, so he’s not going to be able to make it. That’s why we need your help to quell the Trickster for another year!” Dipper paused as he finished explaining the true events of last year’s Summerween to Wendy. It was only now he realized how incredibly insane it all sounded aloud.
Needless to say, Wendy gave him a good glare. “…okay.”
“…what, really? You believe me? Why would you believe something that sounds so stupid?”
“I saw Nate turn into a hot dog. Candy Monsters aren’t too much of a stretch.”
:icongo-tee:Go-Tee 119 20
Mature content
Chi-Chi's Bad Day :iconsyncej:syncej 40 14
Molly's London Fog - Part 02
“Thank you Jess, that clears my head!” Ben said as he meant that in both senses of the word. His head did feel rather cleaned out by the surge of Jess’s gas entering his head, but also he felt more at peace with the fact that his sister was still farting around. Luckily she had kept her gas valve off for a brief respite but that was all about to end as Molly entered the area around Piccadilly Circus.
In the traffic hub the cars were still whizzing around the roundabout as onlookers were busy watching one of the high definition screens draping one of the street corners. While some of the screens continued with their various advertisements in the British version of New York’s Times Square, one block of screens had switched over to an ongoing BBC report over Molly’s actions. Entering Piccadilly she became the centre of attention as she lowered her body in a way so that she could cram to see the screen with the news report.
“Local authorities are warning
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 27 6
Kiss My Feet :iconsugarnhoney:sugarnhoney 595 55 Bulma And Panchy :iconsugarnhoney:sugarnhoney 312 14 Female Buu toy :iconsugarnhoney:sugarnhoney 594 47
Mature content
Panchy :iconsugarnhoney:sugarnhoney 224 11
Mature content
Attack of The 50 Foot Frankie :iconbryan-lobdell:Bryan-Lobdell 1,970 144
Sexy MuscleTime :iconbryan-lobdell:Bryan-Lobdell 101 3 Mana found some tinies :iconhank88:Hank88 382 31
Mature content
Jodagee Giantess Bulma Colored 2/2 :iconsonichedge888:SonicHedge888 71 2
Rita the Farter 3 - Part 6
Looking back to the west I saw Rita’s slumbering body laid across the area called the Banks and saw it had gotten bigger since I last seen her, her head was now resting comfortably inside the Cincinnati Bengals football stadium with the rest of her body stretched out with her sleeping on her stomach and her jean covered ass pointed up in the air, I knew then where I had to make my next trip. Leaving the stadium I walked over to where Rita’s shoe covered feet were resting on the surface, her weight was so great that it hardly mattered where she was, building or ground was being suppressed by her tremendous weight, which was now over 400,000 tons. The bottom of her tennis shoes were about 165 feet in length, angling upwards from the ground to her heel. I began climbing up the threads, finding the climb a bit easier than I would have anticipated, but while climbing I came across splotches of red blood and debris from her movement, a couple of pieces of stone scraped me as I ma
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 10 0
Skunk Transformations: Amethyst
Amethyst was a cute, chubby woman. The things she liked to do was cuddle with Lil', eat, go on a date with Lil', eat, having tickle fights with Lil' and of course, eat. Today, she wanted to do a little experiment; she knew that her skunk potion made ANYONE gassy and shit like crazy. She decided to eat a mountain of food, take the potion, and try to hold it for a whole day. "Hi Lil." She said. "Hi Amethyst!" He said. "So, why did you have me buy a lot of food and get your skunk potion?" He asked. "Because I'm going to have a skunk form!" She said. "Okay, but why did you have me buy so much food?" Lil asked. "For fuel." She said.
"Ohhhhhh..." Lil said, knowing what she ment. "So, you want me to feed you?" Lil asked. "Yes please." She said. "Anything for you, my love." Lil said as he got a spoon and a cup of chocolate pudding from the pile. Lil then scooped up some pudding. "Okay, open wide for the airplane
:iconimbatman1939:ImBatman1939 5 6
Skunk Transformations: Pearl
One day, Amethyst poured a potion into Pearl's drink. "Pearl always says that my farts are the smelliest," Amethyst said to herself. "Well, let's see how she likes this!" Amethyst said as she finished pouring the potion into Pearl's drink. Pearl then came into the room. The potion was going to turn Pearl into a gassy skunk woman. Pearl then drank every drop of her drink. She then sat on the couch where Lil and Steven were. "Hi you two." Pearl said. "Hi Pearl!" Me and Steven both said. Amethyst was watching from behind the kitchen counter, eager to see Pearl's transformation. After a while, Lil and Steven noticed something, the living room started to smell slightly stinky. "What's that smell?" He asked. Lil then started to sniff. It was coming from... Pearl's butt. "Ewww Pearl, your farting!" Steven said. Amethyst was still watching, trying to hold in her laughter. "No I'm not." She said. "Yes you are." H
:iconimbatman1939:ImBatman1939 6 0
Mature content
Growing Expectations: Story Time :iconamericanwonton:AmericanWonton 6 0
Mature content
Fired Up! :iconmrmadsci:MrMadsci 47 6



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